on a road trip through Florida last year we listened to Pavement’s record Crooked Rain and had an Elvis Never Meant Shit to Me moment with Pavement, like this is personally not my music, i am a neurotic kid from the internet living in new york, i am not a chill guy, my suburbs look and feel different than theirs, my landscape of hope and possibility looks different than theirs and i like my music wound up tight or really sad mostly and what Pavement was doing doesn’t speak to me, and you might feel the same way

Pitchfork Reviews Reviews, about pitchfork naming Gold Soundz by Pavement the best song of the 1990s

This is interesting and well said, in part because just as much as it gets at why some younger people might not connect with what I find so perfectly poetic and evocative about Stephen Malkmus, it also gets at why I just can’t get with so much of what those younger people got into instead as teenagers and young adults. I’ve spent the past ten years wondering why people a bit younger than me went for all these spazzes, softies, and sadsacks, and didn’t share my intense love for artists who are aloof and funny and cerebral and cryptic and didn’t just artlessly barf out all of their emotions. I’m not an open guy. I get really embarrassed talking about personal things in public without having to obscure it in something else. Most of my favorite artists are the same way. So there’s that. But there’s also…I can’t help but think…can’t you kids just be cool?

EDIT: As it turns out, I actually need to spell it out that I’m being a bit sarcastic/ironic at the end there, which sadly illustrates a point. Also, I am 31 and not that old!

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