"I Wanna Be Your Lover"/"Head"
Live in NYC, 3/22/1981

I refuse to believe that you have something better to do with 14 minutes of your time than to watch this remarkable footage of a very young Prince absolutely killing it on two of his best early tunes. I mean, this version of “Head”… seriously, so wonderful! I can only speak about this in breathless superlatives!

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    Matthew Perpetua gets it. Joel Weidl gets it. Justin Nawman gets it. I get it.
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    Bobby on Drums! #Winning
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    OH YEAH. Watch this NOW.
  7. playfordproductions said: He put on one of the best live shows I’ve ever seen. I saw the Diamonds&Pearls tour.
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    You didn’t even know there was a doctor in the house.
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  13. bryanmckay said: Now you’ve got me scouring the web for Prince bootlegs when I should be out getting my oil changed. Thanks.
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    two of my all-time favorites by the Purple One. Very, very worthwhile.
  16. beca said: Can your NYE party please at least at times double as a Prince theme party? Meaning, can I wear purple shinies and expect to shake it to a lot of “Kiss”?
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    unforgettable prince… ;-))) pepp8 wrote