Maura has a lot of good advice here. I think writers should always be thinking about this stuff, and not just about female artists - this applies to race, sexuality, age, genre. No one is perfect, but it’s good to be mindful about this stuff as you write. It’s important to keep in mind that when it comes down to it, writers are paid to think. So you should be thinking! And it can be fun sometimes: I’ve done reviews where to counter the way other writers have written about a subject, I went totally the other way, or made subtle points about an artist’s aesthetic by deliberately not including references to any other artists.

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    Yes! This piece is very good and totally right-on. Too bad the people who really need to read it either won’t, or will...
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  4. tessastrain said: YES the nonspecific comparisons thing always KILLS me. See it a lot w/ regard to female comedians especially, who are, of course, all Tina Fey?
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    ^ word. And aside from the following clunker: even a single back-to-back spin of Bon Iver’s most recent album and Born...
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