This is pretty incredible. Kathleen Hanna performs a monologue — accompanied by twinkling piano! — about how she inspired “Smells Like Teen Spirit” at Our Hit Parade at Joe’s Pub last week. This is a wonderful bit of storytelling, and to top it all off, she performs the song as well as her Bikini Kill classic “Rebel Girl”!

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    This really is fascinating, regardless of your feelings about Hanna, Bikini Kill, Nirvana or the nineties (and awesome...
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    Kathleen Hanna monologues on how she got wasted with Kurt Cobain in 1990 and inspired Smells Like Teen Spirit I actually...
  7. howsyrface said: there are some uncomfortable crowd laughs during this!
  8. douglasmartini said: Maybe it’s because I knew that already by reading the Charles R. Cross biography on Cobain, but I just feel there’s something immodest about going onstage and talking about how you inspired one of the biggest hits of the past two decades.
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