There’s one person’s LiveJournal that I’ve read for the past few years. It’s really two people—they’re a couple and they live in Boston and they foster pit bulls. For some reason I clung onto them five or six years ago. I don’t know how I found them, but I check in on both of them all the time. I sent the guy a book he was saying he wanted. I hoped he’d write on his blog, “A mysterious stranger sent me the book I wanted,” but he never did.

Fiona Apple on Her New Album, Lana Del Rey, and Reading Blogs

Has anyone found this LiveJournal yet? This post has been up for a few hours. You know, in a microcosm, this is sort of my own relationship with a lot of blogs and it’s kind of cool to hear a celebrity/famous artist say something like this.

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  12. heilewelt said: I feel less odd now that I once send a writer I liked a lot (one of the people who inspired me to write) some (new) notebooks of which he said he couldn’t find them in Berlin. Thank you for posting this.