"Let Me Roll It"
Live in Australia, 1975

There’s a beat in this song that is intentionally a bit off, I was convinced it was a mistake the first time I heard it. A digital glitch or something but not quite. I love that bit now — the rest of the song is so smooth and relaxed, so mellow in its lovey sentiment, that when that beat stumbles for a second, it’s a reminder that there’s maybe still a bit of awkwardness and clumsiness in the mix. I mean, McCartney has to deliberately put that sort of moment in a song, and it’s very precise, but it matters. It makes it sound true when he sings “I can’t tell you how I feel…,” you know?

  1. softcommunication said: In our household, this is known as the John Lennon song.
  2. davebloom said: Drive-By Truckers used to do an absolutely outstanding live version of this when Jason Isbell was in the band.
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