I managed to make this article from the most awkward and uncomfortable interview I’ve ever conducted, and I say that as a person who has interviewed Lou Reed. I’ve had a previous bad work experience with Longstreth so I knew what I was getting into, but it still sucked — he was just ridiculously defensive and was going out of his way to intimidate and keep me off balance. (He refused to answer my questions at the start because they were “boring” and insisted on asking me [boring] questions about Fluxblog.) This attitude was unnecessary - I am a fan and wanted to let him do most of the talking. Because I am a fan, I was a lot easier on him than I should have been in this situation - I regret not pushing back on his whole Dylan-in-Don’t-Look-Back pose. Anyway, I think we did a decent job of salvaging this, and there’s a few really interesting moments where he lets his guard down a bit. It’s also kinda crazy that he just started insulting the magazine that was interviewing him on the record! That’s stupid, but takes some guts.

  1. macformack said: Sounds like hard work!
  2. restinvermont said: I heard some amazing stories about him while working at Domino, let me tell you.
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  4. ohyounglions said: in the end, as Kurt Cobain said on 12,000 separate RS covers, “it’s better to bozo than to bozo.”
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    I too had a pretty terrible interview with David Longstreth recently, which involved a lot of the same details mentioned...
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  9. huffandstuff said: Yeah I remember some former colleagues at XPN having a similar experience with him in ‘09.
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