So now that I’ve established my critical taste in music as haphazard at best, you’re probably wondering how I’m possibly qualified to write about Weezer for an entire week. Here’s my answer: I don’t think many people are actually “qualified” to write about music. I don’t know of any art form that creates as subjective and personal opinions as music does; music is hard to criticize and even harder to defend.
Joey Pfeifer is going to write about Weezer on One Week One Band. I met him at a party not long ago and he told me about this and it made me really happy — it was just nice to talk to someone about music who was just totally unjaded and unpretentious, just delighted by the possibility of discovering all this stuff out there and a little nervous about his lack of authority while wanting to write about it all. I think he’s exactly right in this paragraph I’ve quoted — you don’t need to have authority to say interesting things about art. You just need to be articulate and thoughtful about the experience you’re having with the work. I wish more people wrote about this type of experience with music — in some ways it’s more valuable and relatable than nit-picking and trainspotting.
  1. heilewelt said: "It is wonderful to be able experience art without understanding how it was meant or what makes it good." Kim Boekbinder. That’s the quote which describes my music blog. I just wanted to say your comment on Joey and what Joey said is so good to read.
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