Electric Six

One of the things the Electric Six do better than most anyone is subvert catchy, macho mainstream rock tunes with a deranged sexual panic that highlights the paranoia and insecurity at the heart of typical dudeness. The structure of the lyrics in “Kukuxumusu” is a play on the old “in each verse, I’m gonna tell you all about some sexy lady I’ve fucked” paradigm — good examples would be “Sir Psycho Sexy” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers or “Free Love Freeway” by David Brent — but in this case, instead of attempting to prove his sexual prowess, he describes a series of brief relationships in which the women drain him of life, figuratively or literally. It sounds as though he’s trying to show off his promiscuity and his conquests, but the details reveal him to be a rather passive character who can’t stop himself from becoming involved with vapid, toxic personalities. It may be that he is drawn to entering into relationships with people who validate his fear of women, or perhaps more damning, it’s just a case of water finding its level.

The chorus flips a slogan from Bruce LaBruce’s left-wing terrorist parody The Raspberry Reich into a confused, nihilistic, self-deprecating shrug: “I’m not the Revolution, I’m just your boyfriend — a fuck solution until the world ends!” Like a lot of Electric Six characters, the dude in “Kukuxumusu” has forsaken idealism in favor of empty hedonism, and the joke, as always, is that he just does not understand why he’s made that decision. He’s just standing around, shouting “OH MY GOD!,” constantly surprised by the inanity of his life, and doomed to never figure it out.

(Originally posted 1/31/2008)

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    That first sentence has been one of my favorite sentences since 2008. Also: Dick Valentine is the best stage name ever.
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