Fluxblog Housing Works Playlist


Thanks to everyone who came out last night! I’ll be putting up a recording of the event in the near future, but until then you can enjoy this mix featuring all of the songs discussed last night.

1. Scissor Sisters “Paul McCartney” (Matthew Perpetua)
2. Martha Wainwright “Love Is A Stranger” (Emily Gould)
3. Electrelane “The Valleys” (Heather D’Angelo)
4. Silver Jews “How to Rent A Room” (Mark Richardson)
5. Delays “Nearer Than Heaven” (Amy Rose Spiegel)
6. Nine Inch Nails “Leaving Hope” (Sean T. Collins)
7. Interpol “NYC” (Amanda Petrusich)
8. Mark Mallman “True Love” (Dick Valentine)
9. Stephen Malkmus “Malediction” (Rob Sheffield)
10. R. Kelly “Ignition (Remix)” (Group)

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    I went to this, and it was great. Get some songs!
  2. jameslepine said: I made pancakes for mark mallman one time.
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    A song by longtime Minnesotan Mark Mallman was among those discussed at a Fluxblog anniversary event last night in New...
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    Last night was a really, really wonderful night. I got to meet so many people who I have been reading for a very long...
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    This was fun.
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    I was going to post the text of what I read last night but it’s handwritten and involves a lot of stage directions like...
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