Good News, Everybody!

I’m going to be starting a new job as Buzzfeed’s first music editor next week. I’m not sure exactly when all of this will launch and it’s a bit too soon to get into the specifics, but I’m really excited about this. I wrote the proposal for this a few weeks ago, and in brainstorming for that I realized that I could basically come up with cool ideas for this all day, every day. So that’s what I’m going to do. Basically, I’m planning to do music coverage that is focused on enthusiasm and personal connection, and to do it with humor and without condescension. I want to get away from the top-down critical model, and do something that speaks to a broader spectrum of listeners without turning off music nerds. (Which, after all, I am.) We’re going to operating with the belief that music is not a niche interest, and that it is an integral part of our lives and our culture beyond the scope of what usually ends up in music publications. Stay tuned, this will be fun.

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    Totally love you. Will follow.
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    This is excellent news.
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