Fleetwood Mac
"Monday Morning"
Live in Japan, 1977

Lindsey Buckingham is a hopeless romantic, and writes almost exclusively about love and relationships. His lyrics are conversational, but usually aren’t the things you actually say to someone. In “Monday Morning,” his first track on a Fleetwood Mac album, he really lays it on the line with some very frank words about a relationship that has run its course without ever really starting. He comes off as more bitter in later songs but here he’s very warm and sweet, expressing his frustrations while quick to remind the woman being addressed that he has nothing but love for her. I love that this song is so kind despite being about someone leading him on and toying with his heart. The sound is so sunny too — it gallops along, a bit chunky in its tones but still light and breezy. Mick Fleetwood’s drumming is key to pulling this off; his fills keep the piece snappy and brisk, particularly when the song seems to plunge into that excellent “I don’t miiiind” bridge into the chorus.

(Originally posted 4/19/2011)

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    Love this. All the videos from Live in Japan move me. Lindsey B at his best.
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    I’d never seen this live version before. “Monday Morning” is one of the most-played songs in my iPod, but I’ve always...
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