The Birthday Party aka The Boys Next Door

I’ve been listening to the Divine Fits’ debut album a lot in the past two weeks, and was kinda freaking out that “Shivers” was on this record and not on a Spoon record, because - I dunno, it would be more legit somehow? It would be played in regular Spoon gigs? But I got the record in the mail today and learned that it’s a cover of a Birthday Party song. I’ve never really spent any time with that band at all, or honestly, a majority of the greater Nick Cave catalog. Cave didn’t write this song - his bandmate Rowland Howard did, at the age of 16 no less - but he sings it well. Not as well as Britt, though - I think he’s the best rock singer of his generation, and the Fits recording is one of his finest performances. Anyway, this song is a perfect song.

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    my now-husband sent me this song via AIM when we were freshmen in college in order to impress me with his Nick Cave...
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