Royal Trux - Komplaint Dept.


Royal Trux were a perverse, often totally inscrutable band capable of spinning their junkie romance and lowbrow obsessions into some of the coolest, most far-out rock music ever made. They were also maddeningly hit-or-miss, which can make it fairly difficult to get into their music, particularly if your entry point happens to be one of their lesser (or more abrasive) records. This compilation is focused on their best and most accessible numbers, sampling most of their catalog, but with an emphasis on their late period work rather than their scuzzy beginnings. Many of the band’s songs are essentially warped versions of classic rock, while others, like the supremely bizarre “Dirty Headlines” and the gleefully bonkers “The Banana Question” defy genre description altogether. It’s a fascinating, rewarding, and fun body of work — dive in!
I’m Ready / You’re Gonna Lose / Sunshine & Grease / The Banana Question / Inside Game / Yo Se! / Blind Navigator / Stevie [for Steven S.] / Back To School / Zero Dok / “Let’s Get Lost” / Stop / Juicy Juicy Juice / Dirty Headlines / Ray O Vac / Don’t Try Too Hard / Blue Is The Frequency / New York Avenue Bridge

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