Macarena Til The Break Of Dawn

This mix is about a hundred times more happy and sunny than I ought to be feeling right now. I hope that you enjoy it. A lot of old school Fluxblog favorites on this one, too!

01 Plus Tech Squeeze Box “The Martin Show”

02 Futon “Gay Boy”

03 Dog Ruff “Jon E Storm”

04 Papas Fritas “Sing About Me”

05 Lady Stush “Dollar Sign”

06 Clipse “Wamp Wamp” (Pistol Pete remix)

07 Ce’cile “Rude Bwoy Thug Life”

08 Jagged Edge “Stunnas”

09 Justus Kohncke featuring Meloboy “Frei/Hot Love”

10 Los Super Elegantes “Dance”

11 Kylie Minogue “Still Standing”

12 Portobella “Vive Le Difference”

13 United State of Electronica “La Discoteca”

14 Electric Six “The Future Is In The Future”

As always, feedback is appreciated.