Does anyone else find it of extremely ill portent that the Watchmen trailer features a Smashing Pumpkins song from the Batman and Robin soundtrack?

It’s intentional, they want you to think about those 90s Batman movies when you see the trailer. (See also: the molded nipples on Adrian Viedt’s costume.) The director is deliberately trying to get people to approach the characters and concepts in terms of how superheroes have been portrayed in movies over the past fifteen years so that when people actually see the film, they’ll have their equilibrium knocked off by the actual content of the story. I was kinda horrified by the look of the movie until this was explained to me, and now it all kinda fits together. I’m still extremely skeptical about the movie being good, but at least it makes sense to take on the image/sound of superhero movies the way the comic took on the image of the comics of its time. It’s about subverting archetypes, you know?

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    I hope that’s true. It would be really great if they got this one right.
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    Yeah, maybe that will just be his interior monologue voice, and he’ll be more monotone when he’s in dialogue. Although...
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    Well, going on the trailer, they fucked up a pretty huge thing, which is the voice of Rorschach. The voice you hear at...
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    I haven’t seen 300, nor do I intend to, but I felt that Watchmen (judging by the trailer) got pretty much everything...
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    Goddammit. There you go, getting my hopes up for this thing. If that’s really a conscious effort amongst the filmmakers;...
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