The Best of the Best Show on WFMU


This is a compilation of some top-notch Scharpling & Wurster skits that have not yet appeared on any of the duo’s Stereolaffs cd releases. I strongly recommend buying those albums, subscribing to both the Best Show and Best Show Gems podcasts, and pledging during the Best Show in the WFMU fundraising marathon next week.

1. Brock Puechk - A friendly discussion of current events heads off into creepy psycho-drama territory before shifting into a rambling conversation that touches on Shakespeare, an unbelievable dvd box set, and the secret lives of newscasters. 
2. Montgomery Davies - Tom speaks to a local judge involved in a very strange scandal.
3. The Millionaire - Tom takes a call from a man who recently became a millionaire, but refuses to spend any of his money lest his bank balance drop below one million dollars. 
4. The Predator - Tom gets a call from a delusional and highly ambitious pedophile. 
5. The Story Weaver - Tom talks to a co-worker who turns out to be a pathological liar without any ability to craft believable lies.
6. BJ Brysson and the Bridge - A local radio personality tells Tom all about his various fan rallies.
7. Tom’s Therapist - Tom discovers that his former therapist has no qualms about revealing very sensitive confidential information over the airwaves.
8. Sean In Rampbridge - A survivor of a plane crash calls in to talk about the high and low points of his life in 2008. 

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