According to this booking company, it would cost approximately $50,000 to book Pulp for a concert at a college in the United States, but only in November of 2011. This would seem to indicate that Pulp indeed have plans to play shows in North America later this year! (More commentary/context from Maria and Heather.)

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    Jarvis Cocker solo was apparently over 30k a gig a couple years ago, and more for festivals. This sounds sketchy as...
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    fuck Tosh.0, bring motha fuckin’ Pulp to USC.
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    Reason 3498578 why I adore Nathania.
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    Maybe there is a chance for me to see PULP live. OMG so excited
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    oh it really, really, really could happen.
  8. thedizzinessoffreedom said: That’s an inflated fee. East Coast Entertainment isn’t their booking agency. They’re a middle agency. The actual number is smaller if you were to book with their exclusive agent at Paradigm.
  9. michaelpop said: I heard through a friend who knows someone within the Pulp camp that they indeed will be touring the US.
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    I love the note after Big Boi’s fee - ‘does perform Outkast hits’.
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    So who’s starting the Kickstarter?
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    I can co-sign on the college booking fee craziness. It’s worse if the college is in a major city. At NYU, we had tons of...
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    I can tell you that college booking fees usually run 2-3 times more than a standard club booking. This is mostly because...
  14. deeza said: "the roots - weekends only" haha
  15. nalbs said: those prices are obscenely high
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    Does Melbourne get discount rates? Jarvis and co. must like it better here because, you know, you don’t just swap over...
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