Clinic “Candle Light and All Things Bright”


Clinic are painfully underrated and underappreciated. No other band sounds like them, and yet people complain when their self-imposed artistic limitations result in endless permutations on the same themes, as though that was not also the case for a great many bands with far less style and imagination. The reality is that Clinic are in fact a very restless band that subtly introduce new ideas and musical elements with every new release, but it is always done with such subtlety and grace that the integration seems entirely organic. This set covers the highlights of their brilliant catalog, and ought to work very well as an introduction to their dark, beautiful, and always totally inscrutable world.

Clinic “Candle Light and All Things Bright”
Welcome / Monkey On Your Back / 2nd Foot Stomp / Walking With Thee / Free Not Free / Harvest / Distortions / Porno / Emotions / Cement Mixer / Mr. Moonlight / The Second Line / The Castle / The Return of Evil Bill / Dr. G / Magic Boots / Circle of Fifths / Tomorrow / Animal Human / Falstaff / Come Into Our Room / The Magician / Internal Wrangler / Kimberley

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