Some Shit I Just Gotta Say (From Reading Bon Iver’s Dumb MTV Awards Rant):

1) “beyonce is pregnant. yes this is awesome as shit, culturally speaking.” - That’s great, “culturally speaking,” but you weren’t impressed by the performance at all? Really? Not dour enough for you, buddy? “Culturally speaking, it’s nice that she celebrated her pregnancy with a happy song, I guess…”

2) If this guy is so concerned about ROCK, why does he make the most limp-dicked music ever set to tape?

3) “Why are the lights so bright?” - Oh come on, gramps.

4) What if he’s being literal and Kanye and Jay-Z are actually constantly murdering people, and they are pals with him because he has granted them access to his creepy rural sheds?

5) Invoking Bill Hicks doesn’t do anyone any favors in an argument.

6) “Why isn’t there an NPR Awards?”

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